There are filters to find and differentiate between a good SEO company and a not-so-good company. The important thing to check is the track record of the company, which will show how good the SEO Company has been. For instance, the track record would help in knowing about the client communications, which is the most important thing by far. If there is proper communication with the client about their queries and the client knows that their needs are going to be met and then the company will have a happy customer, which is the ultimate goal. SEO Halifax services are easy to find if you learn how to filter the good from the bad. More information on what is happening behind the scenes is listed at

Marketing is not a science; there will be a lot of situations where the SEO strategy could go wrong and it might not necessarily be the fault of the agency. The reason could potentially be that the product isn’t good for SEO and the changes in algorithms and search engines along with the competitive landscape could bring about a negative impact. In these cases, the track record would act as the biggest filter to find out how long does the company keeps its customers for. If an SEO Company has customers who leave year after year or get replaced, then it is an indication that the company is failing on the operation side. If a company has the same customers for 5+ years, then it can be known that it is a good SEO company.

Commonalities among the great SEO companies
The most important thing, as mentioned before, is the communication with the clients and maintaining the clients. Technology might also be important, but there are a lot of companies that do not use technology and instead use man power. However, there are also companies that use god technology and not much manpower is used in these cases. Therefore, the common factors among the great companies would be the communication with the clients, fulfilling their necessities and maintaining the clients.

Methods to choose or vet an SEO agency
The best thing to do is to ask about the track record of the company, ask about the period of time the clients stick to the company and knowing the company’s flaws and strengths. If a company admits their flaws and also explains their strengths, then the company is probably a better one. If all the facts about the company are out in the open, then there is a really good chance that the company is a good one.

Questions to ask an SEO company while interviewing
It is safe to ask about the failures and mistakes of the company and also about how it was rectified. If the company is forthright about their mistakes, then it’s probably a sign that they are a good company. However, if they try to cover up their mistakes, then it might be better to choose some other company.