So now it’s time to buy that amplifier you have always dreamt of owning! Confused as to which one would suit you the most? Asking yourself if you can go ahead and buy the fender champion 100? Or is there is another which may suit you better? Here is a little help to solve this problem. Please go through the below link to get some solid ideas before you start the hunt:-

Think beforehand
It may sound strange at first; however the actual point of buying an amplifier is to use it along with the guitar, isn’t it? So think about what kind of amplifier would suit the guitar right from when you go to purchase the instrument. This helps in more than one way. You can make sure that the guitar plus all its accessories do not exceed your budget. Also, it actually helps to check out if the amplifier you choose to buy later on will be compatible with your guitar. There is no point getting an amplifier that cannot be used with a guitar. So first things first- plan ahead.

Combo Amps
As a beginner, you may be better off choosing a combo amp which has the amplifier as well as the speaker encased in one wooden /metal cabinet. This way portability is easier and handling the controls is also much simpler.

You may think that going to the amplifier with maximum power is what you need. However, this need not be true every time. Maximum power will not guarantee the loudest or maximum volume. Your utility should be in proportion to the power. Go for a 40- 60-watt amp if you need it for use at home as well as for playing in small groups. Always check with the dealer regarding the utility and power.

Type of Amp
There are basically two types of amplifiers. :-Tube and solid state. Generally, tube amps are more advanced and give the best sound quality. However nowadays with the help of technology, the solid state ones have also caught up in quality. This again can be explained in detail by the dealer. You have to take along your guitar so that he can check the compatibility and suggest the type of amp which you will require.

Built in facilities
Effects are certainly a matter of concern. They bring your music alive. So get to know the built-in effects and choose wisely.

This has been kept for the last .Now whatever you require will always depend on your budget. You can’t go on to buy the most expensive brand if there are not enough funds. So it is a good idea to do a little bit of research first and then choose an amp which will suit your budget. With the advent of technology, it is becoming easier to do your entire search online too. Google your lists of amplifiers check the various costs involved, compare them and then fix the best option.